Енорийски храм "Св. Вмчк. Георги"

Долни Лозен, Софийско

Начало Вести Календар Иконописи  Контакт


We are happy to welcome you in our parish church “St. George”. Let us worship the God, celebrate, and serve Him together.

The beautiful village of Dolni Lozen is located at the foot of the Lozen Mountain, in a region known as the Little Holy Forest.

The parish church  “St. George” is built during the Turkish yoke –in 1873. This basilica-like church has one nave.  The entire façade and the inside walls are decorated with murals by the notable Renaissance icon-painter Nicola Jovanov Iconograph, one of the most illustrious representatives of the Samokov Art school. It is one of the reasons why our church is not only our spiritual home but also national architectural monument (it was officially proclaimed in 1972).

During the restoration works in the crypt of the church we discovered older layer of murals dating back to 1616, which proves that our church has its long history.

Until lately, the moisture, the weather and the negligence were ruining the church. But in the past few years, thanks to God’s help, the volunteer work of the local people and the financial support of generous Christians, now it is reviving and beginning to warm our hearts with its majesty.

We need funding for the completion of the restoration and consolidation works, so that the building could show up its entire magnificence as a spiritual home giving alleviation not only to the local inhabitants but also to the guests of the village.

PriestMichail Kalinschew


Начало Вести Календар Иконописи  Контакт Горе▲

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